Welcome to the RCGP Wales Advance Care Planning Training Resource

Our Advance Care Planning Training Resource has been designed - alongside the General Medical Council, Marie Curie, Macmillan Cancer Support, RCN, Stroke Assiociation and many others - to support healthcare professionals from a wide variety of different backgrounds and experience, including people working in primary and secondary care, and in residential care settings.

The aim of the training is to help participants to develop their understanding, skills and confidence in Advance Care Planning. The intention is that as a result, patients, clients and residents will be more likely to recieve the care they would wish for at the end of their life.

Advance Care Planning is defined by the GMC as follows:

The process of discussing the type of treatment and care that a patient would or would not wish to recieve, in the event that they lose capacity to decide or are unable to express a preference, for example, their preferred place of care and who they would want to be involved in making decisions on their behalf. It seems to create a record of a patient's wishes and values, preferences and decisions, to ensure that care is planned and delivered in a way that meets their needs, and involves and meets the needs of those close to the patient". Treatment and care towards the end of life: good practice and decision making. (P85) GMC, 2010.

How to use this resource

This course is shown in two parts with a supplementary series of interviews.

Part 1 of the training focuses on giving participants a shared understanding of what is meant by Advance Care Planning.

Part 2 of the training focuses on how to do Advance Care Planning and develops the approaches to ACP conversations set out in Part One.

Each course is self contained with its own navigation built in. Simply click on the screen prompts to progress through the training and information.

In addition, the training resource includes an Interview Library containing the full-length interviews with each contributor.

This training resource provides you with everything you need to deliver this training, including the facilitators handbook plus general and participant information.

Each part of the training lasts for 2 hours 20 minutes.

If you have any questions about the information and training within this section, please contact lesley.hills@rcgp.org.uk or on 020 3188 7759 (local number).